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The most flexible and affordable software for displaying songs, hymns, Bible passages, notices and orders of service in a worship setting! So easy to operate, even non-technical volunteers will learn it quickly, and enjoy using it! This is the software replacement for your overhead projector!

Anyone who can use an overhead projector
can use SING AND READ!


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Sing And Read

  Use the buttons on the left to view information about 'Sing And Read' (SAR) or to goto the 'Sing And Read 2' page.

Key Benefits (SAR v.1)

bulletIt's absolutely - = [ F R E E ! ] = -
bulletNo need to prepare slides or print sheets.
bulletPreparation before a meeting takes about 3 minutes.
bulletNo need for expensive collections of books and Bibles.
bulletSimple to operate and quick to learn.
bulletAdjustable sizes, fonts and colours for all text.
bulletProject on screens and/or TV's.
bulletCan use top or bottom or all of screen.
bulletInstant access to song texts and scripture - no fiddling during service
bulletSimple utilities for adding songs, even during meetings.
bulletCan link with "INTERNET BROADCASTING"!

SAR In Action

  View the Sing And Read Gallery for examples of SAR being used in various locations, and now see it live in action in video!

  Listen to Sing And Read featured on BBC Radio.

  View a list of countries that have made the download!

  View a list of comments from people before and after trying SAR.

SAR Download

  If you have never tried 'Sing And Read' before, or you're installing it fresh on a computer, then use this link.  This is the latest version (1.6.6 ) and includes all the files needed for installation.  If you're not sure about which download option to choose, then use this one.  (2.561 Meg)

SAR Update

  If you have a previous version of 'Sing And Read', then you can use this option.  It contains all the files needed for the update, without any of the large setup files the program needed to install originally.   (197 k).

SAR Registration

  Once you are satisfied with the product you will be ready to register - to do so use the form in the registration section on the left.  Thanks!

*************   IMPORTANT!!!  *************


Read the readme file for instructions on setting up - these are crucial


Read the advanced readme - for technical details of the software


Read the 1.6.6 Update Notes to see what's new!


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