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Examples of Sing And Read Being Used

  Here are the videos from the pioneering heart of Sing And Read for you to check out.

  Please select either the broadband or dial-up versions of the 2 recording clips, depending on the type of your Internet connection. If you are unsure, you may like to try the broadband one. If it does not flow steadily, but jerks, then close it and try the dial-up one. This has a lower video quality, but is satisfactory for seeing what is going on.

  Both clips last for less than one minute and show the church platform and computer desk. There are 3 monitors on the desk, two for Sing And Read 2 (deluxe dual monitor version) and one for us to monitor our live Internet Netcast. You can go to and view the live and archived broadcasts.

  To view Peter's testimony, click here.

  Look out for the apparent absence of hand movements! This is because all the operator has to do during a song is to tap the space bar, unless the worship leader changes the sequence of the song... then he will have to press a verse number or the letter C or * (for a bridge). Sing And Read has been designed for simplicity, flexibility and ease of use !

Click either link Info
Video 1
Dialup | Broadband
This shows the large screen (painted onto the wail) and one of our more mature operators displaying the words of a traditional hymn.
Video 2
Dialup | Broadband
This is our youngest operator, sitting with the author of Sing And Read, and displaying a more modern song. This clip includes a brief close-up of the monitors. You will see SAR 2 in use, with the song words appearing on the display monitor, which is then projected onto a large screen. The primary monitor shows the expanded controls, and other windows. These other windows include the controls for the live netcast.

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