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Comments we've received about 'Sing And Read':

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bulletThank you for making this product free. Truly is God sents and much needed for a Youth Ministry with a limited budget. Thanks again and God bless
bulletMay God bless you for your work. It is difficult to find free Christian software and we apreciate very much your service. It will be of great help for our ministry, Serbia
bulletThanx for the help, get us more, we need your support this side. God bless you
bulletThank you for providing this program free of charge. We are a very small Church-only 15 members in a rural centre where we are trying to reach out with the Gospel. We have recently purchased a data projector and are keen to use it for the Lord in our worship and outreach.
bulletI used this great program during a recent mission trip to Kingston, Jamaica. So simple yet so powerful!
bulletMany thanks - Got 8 folks trained as projector operators on a roster, they are 'on' one meeting a month!- they all find it easy & user friendly. One enhancement we would love is a 'Note window' into which quick comments could be entered and displayed 'on the fly' such as " Please destroy that cellphone", or "CA 1234567 lights on", or more importantly, sometimes the worship leader will sing a spontaneous line or two... it would be great if this could be displayed on demand.... Life Changers Church, Cape Town
bulletgreetings sir, just to let you know i was in the international apostolic convention yesterday and it was I who had the good fortune to see your software being used on a laptop by one of the team there. I was immediately impressed by it and was even more amazed, that it was a free download. The Lord himself will bless you sir as you continue to do work of this quality that enables others to provide worship teams with a quality product that enables them to give the Gospel to people in a way that is easily understood. I pray that you yourself will be blessed as you keep on providing likeminded workers with tools to do their work. Thank you for your efforts for small church's everywhere, Robert Stone Baglan Community Church.
bulletThis program is a great ministry, especially for small churches with essentially no budget for a media ministry
bulletI think Sing and Read is a wonderful product and am amazed that a program of this quality is offered for free. I registered the free version yesterday
bulletI found the program fun and very easy to use and setup
bulletThank you for sharing. I like to see how things are being handled. You are an inspiration for me. Keep the good work. Take Care, WAG, Captain
bulletAn excellent product. I shall be advising the church elders install and use the system in the New Year. Thank you for the support on the download problems.
bulletWe have only been going for a month, and have had to make a number of one-off outlays, so it's a real help to have come across your software for free. Thanks - I am most grateful.
bulletEvery blessing for your radio interview this Sunday a.m. The sing and read system is excellent. Pastor D
bulletThank you for providing many churches with great software.
bulletPlease send new version and 1200 songs! Thanks! Your product description will be up on my website
bulletHere at W… W… Church we have enjoyed using your software on a few occasions when we have had access to a projector. It has worked well and been easy for folks at the back to see, they have appreciated the large clear print.
bulletI had problems a lot as you may remember at first, just getting the program to run. But once you got me all the files correctly, etc it has been doing great. I really do appreciate your generosity in making this available to churches for free. We have been using it for a couple of months now with success. MB, Virginia in USA
bulletThanks for your message & clarification of the loading procedure for new songs. I really should read the instructions more carefully first, the Readme file has it very clearly laid out, and it works just as you said !!. Having had brief discussions with our Minister & Technical Support Manager we would like to register our use of the 1.5.6 of Sing And Read.
bulletYour program looks like it will fill the bill for my small church's needs. Thanks!
bulletI am excited about your worship program it seems to be just what we are looking for.
bulletThanks bro. Will be glad to be kept informed of this great innovation. It sounds great for Gospel outreach, be encouraged in your work AC Preacher of the Gospel, Australia
bulletSing & Read is going very well, I look forward to seeing what this update does.
bulletI am really thankful for your excellent work on this software. And giving it for free the more I really appreciate this. May our Lord Jesus add more wisdom upon you that you may continually be a blessing to His people. I was about to inquire about this verse counting problem some minutes ago. Before I did that I realize, and with anticipation that you might have send something in the e-mail. I am really glad to find out this correction for verse counting. I did install the attachment file at once and then run Sing and Read immediately. It works! See how excited I am! I did test your software in our family devotions last Sunday (18 June) evening. Honestly I am not quite satisfied though it really surprise my family. My Daughter (18), next son (17) and the next son (13) said "it's cool". Beforehand they were wondering why I was so busy setting up our computer. The setting up paid well. It was a beautiful evening devotions. I am looking forward to use Sing and Read in our Servants'/Leaders' meetings. We have meetings every Tuesday evenings. By the way I am pastoring here, we have an average attendance of 75. As we grow, I believe we can afford to have even used video projector if not LCD or Data Projector. I am all the more excited to use Sing and Read then. I sure will recommend Sing and Read to our denomination (… of the Philippines). I will share this blessing to others if your will allow me. Not really by reproducing the archive file I downloaded from your website but I will tell them about your website! Or tell me how I can help spread your excellent work. Thanks also for your series of follow up. I truly appreciate those follow ups. To God be all the glory! In Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour
bulletI was really interested to come across your software while I was looking for Online Bible web sites. I have lead P&W for many years and am currently playing bass in our band. We are still using an ohp and it is a messy task. I have written a program, from a musicians angle, for keeping all my songs… You have approached the task from a different angle, that of the projectionist. It is much easier to manage a service with your software…. South Africa

Comments when taking initial download:

bulletI appreciate your willingness to let people test your software. You also know the value of giving with no strings attached. Jesus emphasized this attitude, yet many have forgotten: "freely have you received, freely give". Not an easy value to live. However how else can we prove God so loved the world that he gave freely and continues to give and give and give and give and give.....God bless you richly. Albert, Worship Intercessory Ministries, Canada
bulletThank you very much! I am a bi-vocational minister for 70, 80 and 90 year old folks in a residence care facility. I have a lap top computer, but not a projector. However, the facility had a big screen TV I can use for displaying the songs which they will be able to read easier than from the hymnals. Praise God for your help. It will save me tremendous amounts of time for worship preparation each week. Bless you, Bless you.
bulletThanks and God bless!
bulletTrying out different software to find one to use.
bulletThis is just about the only free type of software, thanks for making it free
bulletThank you for this wonderful product! It's use will enhance the Christmas spirit at our family celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.
bulletOur church is currently using PowerPoint to project the worship songs and liturgy. I want to check out if there are better alternatives.
bulletMy home computer crashed - hence I am here again trying to re-build. I believe that CB has a licensed copy of Sing And Read for use at our church - I am trying to play with it at home on my computer so that I will be able be competent when called upon to use the church machine.
bulletjust checking this out for my church
bulletI previously downloaded SAR but recently had to reformat my hard drive and so lost it.
bulletOur church is looking into purchase a projector, and we feel your software could be a great benefit.
bulletI saw this link on another website and I thought that it might be an alternative to paying the huge prices of the others and get good worship software that we can use. Philippians 1:21
bulletI don't think we are going to use it, but.. one never knows. So, let's have a look.
bulletThis looks interesting.
bulletCan't wait to try it!
bulletInteresting concept. Need to see what it will do on our current video projector
bulletAs recommended by CCUG mag
bulletI interesting to this program, I need to help to expand my skill in computer worship thank :) God bless You
bulletI am a church organist and Methodist local preacher. I have only recently gained access to the internet and am trying to combine any musical gifts I may have with the computer experience I am trying to develop to develop my musical ministry within the church. Thank you for making this available. Thanks for the free information! God Bless!
bulletCame across you add in the Church Computer Users Group Magazine. We have been talking about doing something along this line for some while. I shall play around with it and prepare a presentation for the Church Council. I've contacted one of my local preachers to have a look as well. We'll probably go for the dual monitor version eventually.
bulletThx for free software
bulletI world like to try out this software under the Chinese platform as my church is using Chinese for worship. I am using a Chinese software call 'RICHWIN'. Hope this two software can work well together.
bulletThank you so much and God bless you
bulletI went to visit and found the information about this software. I am amazed of the service you are providing. This is my first visit.
bulletThanks a lot. God is blessing you.
bulletThank you for providing this free of charge!!
bulletWe are currently trying to add video projection for song lyrics to our worship service on a limited budget.
bulletlooking for easy to use projection software for our church.
bulletlooks very promising. Nice site!
bulletI believe one or two others from Fleet Baptist may have downloaded 'Sing and Read' for evaluation - but we'll only use one copy for our services!
bulletI just would like to evaluate Sing And Read for our church
bulletLooking forward to try out your product. Thank you.
bulletCan't wait to try it out!
bulletIs there any other software free downloadable like this? God bless you.
bulletAs a worship leader at our church, I am looking for new tools, can't wait to give yours a try.
bulletDeciding what software to utilize, thanks for the free demo
bulletI'm just trying the program on a new notebook, having enjoyed it on a PC, but that isn't too portable!
bulletWe are updating our Worship facilities and are shopping for Worship software. We would be interested in any addl info you may have regarding software possibilities.
bulletWe are looking for an easy to use song for worship software
bulletI am looking for a practical, easy to use program for use in church worship, via video projection.
bulletLook forward to using the software
bulletI already downloaded this program about four or six months ago, but my computer crashed and we lost all programs last week. We now need to reload everything. Thank you for your excellent program and your willingness to share it with the Body of Christ.
bulletThanks Peter, I would love to try your product. I have used P.P. and prologue, but keep having problems with Prologue.
bulletThanks for designing a great program for the Christian community.
bulletThank you for making this program available free. God bless your work and you.
bulletI have at least two other folks that I would like to have the download also. They are both connected with our church and help me greatly with this area. Briefly tried version 1.3.6 late 1999 ?... but had no access to a projector and had problems getting song portions / files correctly formatted into Verses & Choruses. We'd like to try the latest single screen version please.
bulletMay be interested in being a beta tester for development if needed. i also have desire to see the Church harness IT technology for the kingdom of God.
bulletThanks for making your program available for free!
bulletLooks great for Sunday School and Sunday night Choruses time
bulletWe are a small church and can't afford the money that others require for the software. Thanks for offering the product!
bulletJust looking for something good and inexpensive to use. Using Power Point right now.
bulletI met Peter Morgan in the Elim Church, and he is the programmer of this amazing software! My best greetings for Peter! I am Joel, the worship leader of Portugal, Are you remembering? Thanks! Blessings from Jesus!
bulletI am excited to see your product. Thanks.
bulletJust started looking for a projector. Have borrowed one for a few Sundays as a trial.
bulletThanks for providing free software!
bulletI downloaded this before at home. It got erased. I am now downloading it at the church
bulletI would like to distribute copies of SAR (version 1) to delegates to a Leadership Seminar to be presented in October here in North Carolina.
bulletThis could be very helpful to our worship.
bulletOur pastor told me to try this link. We are really looking for a software operating our video beamer instead of the "classical" overhead song projection. Best regards and blessings
bulletAm presently heading up a new department devoted solely to Video Projector Sales and support to Churches only. C… D… Inc. is an international business devoted to supporting various needs within the Church and we are now turning our focus in this area. Am very interested in your product as a possible complement to our Video Projector sales program in general.
bulletInterested in the concept, have seen the general idea used in the Cotswolds. Still at the early evaluation stage.
bulletlook forward to playing with it... will let you know how it goes in a little while. Thanks for keeping me updated.
bulletWe work with customers around the world who are involved in Christian dramatic arts, from our web site. I am curious as to how this could be used in Christian drama and/or in the training / workshops which we provide for churches, colleges and groups involved in Christian drama.
bulletRecommended by my Little Brother, I will show it to my local church who may wish to purchase.

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